DIRTY PROJECTORS ‘Dirty Projectors’ CD & LP

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Dirty Projectors, the beloved, decade-plus-long recording pursuit of producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist David Longstreth, presents the eighth full-length album in the band’s wildly varied and fascinating discography.

As with previous Dirty Projectors albums, the forthcoming release sees Longstreth lead a group of hugely talented contributors, including Tyondai Braxton, Mauro Refosco (Atoms For Peace, Red Hot Chili Peppers), and Dawn Richard (D?WN), in realizing his creative vision.

Like most people going through breakups, Dave Longstreth wants you to believe he’s doing just fine. The nine songs on Dirty Projectors delve into his separation from former bandmate and girlfriend Amber Coffman, whose arresting voice over the past decade was as vital to Dirty Projectors’ sound as Longstreth’s own yelps and howls. It’s impossible to ignore the context of the record, largely because Longstreth makes it impossible to forget. He’s quick to admit that “a song isn’t a newspaper” and that Dirty Projectors isn’t entirely autobiographical, even if the album’s narrator sings about writing a tune called “Stillness Is the Move.” Memoiristic or not, he’s found a way to express the lonely anthologizing of events that matter only to you and one other person, couched within a strange, dizzying pop record.