DION ‘New York Is My Home’ CD

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Dion DiMucci scored his first hit record in 1958 with “I Wonder Why” with his vocal group Dion & the Belmonts, which is to say, it’s likely he’s been making great music longer than you or most of your favorite singers have even been alive. Dion was 76 years old when he recorded the album New York Is My Home, but it doesn’t sound like the work of an elderly man or an exercise in nostalgia. At heart, Dion has always been a guy who sang the blues, and for the most part that’s what he does on New York Is My Home. The bulk of this material is strongly rooted in blues and R&B, and if Dion‘s voice doesn’t soar as high as it once did, his instrument is in admirably fine condition, smooth and rich, and his sense of phrasing is superb.