DAVID BOWIE “Glastonbury 2000” (2CD/DVD)

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According to many British music publications, David Bowie’s headlining set at the Glastonbury Festival in 2000 is the greatest performance in the history of the legendary event. (NME, ever effusive, called it “the best headline slot at any festival ever.”) Then, with a generosity of spirit as lush and flowing as his hair—Bowie blew everyone away! Resplendently coiffed and backed by a familiar band of musicians (including pianist Mike Garson, bassist Gail Ann Dorsey, and guitarists Mark Plati and Earl Slick, all of whom worked with the star for years), the once and future king of art pop was welcomed by the sprawling home-country crowd like Arthur Pendragon returning from Avalon. A fabulous record of that concert in this amazing set of CD’s DVD’s and Vinyl.