CHUCK E. WEISS “Red Beans & Weiss” CD

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“Chuck E Weiss is a rare treasure. If you buy one record this year, make it this one. It’s insane.”—Johnny Depp

“He put the sin in Synagogue.”—Danny Tate

“Idiosyncratic and eclectic.”—Billboard

“Full of great wit, charm and an utter carelessness.”—USA Today

Red Beans and Weiss, the newest album from Los Angeles legend Chuck E. Weiss. This album marks Weiss’ first release since his 2006 album, 23rd & Stout, which USA Today declared, “cuts across a colorful lyrical landscape that includes musty old saloons, 4 A.M. prank phone calls and hopeless searches for the junky “antique” dealers who once dominated the suburban boulevards of L.A. before strip malls replaced them.”