CHRISTONE ‘Kingfish’ INGRAM ‘Live in London’ 2CD

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The immense popularity achieved with his first two records allowed Christone Ingram to tour his music live across the world in several continents, with increasing success everywhere he played and perhaps, it was kind of inevitable that Ingram felt that the time was about right, for him to release a live album.

Recorded last year at a venue called The Garage in London, United Kingdom, Ingram’s live album called simply Live In London, captures an artist at his very best in a performance that includes 16 songs, two of which never before released and called Mississippi Nights and Midnight Heat, where Christone “Kingfish” Ingram displays, in all his glory, why he is rightly considered the new King Midas of Contemporary Blues and Americana.

Supported rather splendidly by a terrific band on stage that includes Bass Guitar player Paul Rogers, Drummer Christopher Black and Keyboardist Deshawn Alexander, Christone Ingram brought on stage a breathtaking music kaleidoscope of Electric and Acoustic Blues, Funk, Boogie, Blues/Rock and Americana, producing a continous and electrifyingly beautiful sea of sound through the some times delicate and other times sublimely thunderous sound of his guitars and by his extraordinary singing voice, echoeing loving memories of some of the best singers of the Motown and Stax era.