CHARLEY CROCKETT ‘Live from the Ryman’ CD

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 the Texas-born throwback country singer took the stage for his inaugural headlining spot at THE RYMAN on Monday, November 14th, 2022. With the footlights laid out across the stage and and a crushed gold velvet background, Charley Crockett and his band The Blue Drifters brought the audience back to a ‘golden time’ in ‘traditionally styled country music. 

 Crockett assembled about the perfect set list to encapsulate the first era of his career to highlight , and went to work.
The show enacted about the perfect crescendo of energy and emotion. And for some who may still be looking sideways at Crockett’s music and not understanding what all the hubbub is about, his show at the Ryman gives the greatest insight into that magic so many refer to when they see him perform live.

Live from the Ryman really helps illustrate that when it comes to the Charley Crockett experience, it’s the full package that plays into his strength as a performer.  Crockett can evoke a different and better place and time through his music, and transport you to it. Even better is to capture this at the Ryman Auditorium where so much country history has been performed and much of it recorded for prosperity.