BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ‘Chapter and Verse’ CD

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‘Chapter and Verse,’ the audio companion to Bruce Springsteen’s extraordinary forthcoming autobiography, is a career-spanning compilation released four days before Simon & Schuster published Born to Run. Five of the album’s 18 tracks have not been previously released. 

Springsteen selected the songs on Chapter and Verse to reflect the themes and sections of ‘Born to Run.’ The compilation begins with two tracks from The Castiles, featuring a teenaged Springsteen on guitar and vocals, and ends with the title track from 2012’s ‘Wrecking Ball.’  The collected songs trace Springsteen’s musical history from its earliest days, telling a story that parallels the one in the book.

Recordings from Steel Mill and The Bruce Springsteen Band feature musicians who would go on to play in The E Street Band. Solo demos of “Henry Boy” and “Growin’ Up” were cut in 1972 shortly before Springsteen began recording his debut album, ‘Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.’

Chapter and Verse is available now as a single CD and double LP, as well as via digital download and streaming. The package includes lyrics and rare photos.