BROADS ‘Vacancy’ CD

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Described as “an aural wonderland” (Paul Gough, The Inside Sleeve, Radio National), Vacancy is Broads at their most expansive and intoxicating. With guest appearances by acclaimed Melbourne musicians Alex O’Gorman on bass, Sarah Galdes on drums, Matt Dixon and Dan Lethbridge on electric guitars, Vacancy sees Broads at their most mesmerising and panoramic.

From the spacious opening track “Green Screen”, the album weaves through a cast of characters riddled with self-delusion, longing, regret and paranoia. “I Can’t Stop Thinking” wraps tongue-in-cheek morbidity in hooky country twang, “The Valley” paints a feverish portrait of longing and “Nod Off, Dream” showcases lush vocals with one foot in reality and the other in the dark subconscious. Overall, Vacancy seems to dive through the veneer of everyday fantasies and explore the space beneath – sometimes with dry wit, often with worldly pathos