BRECKIN “Shiner”(CD)

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Breckin means freckled which is the moniker of singer/songwriter Heather Marsh. Shiner means ‘bruise’ and according to Marsh that is what this album is about in so many ways. “It was about exploring a hurt in the same way that as a kid you poke a bruise over and over again until you get bored of it. I wrote out my pain but also the pain of those dear to me who were having their own struggles.” Desire arrived about half-way through the writing process as well as hope in love. The album was written from the perspective of someone who knows love doesn’t work out but hurls herself over the romantic cliff anyway. The music shifts between many musical loves – jazz influences, folk, dream-pop, 40′s sweeping piano and string ballads and electronica. .At once brilliant and bruised Shiner illuminates and holds an oblique mirror to the perennial subject of love and loss….perfect for a long drive in the country or a rainy night at home.