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What do you do if you’ve already got 19 albums to your name, won multiple Grammys, been inducted into the Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame and just completed your best tour in years? If you’re Bonnie Raitt you get right back in the studio and make the 20th album.

Dig In Deep covers all the bases that Bonnie has made her own – blues, R&B, funk and laidback rock. The spirit of Little Feat is evident in several of the songs here, Bonnie channeling Lowell George by way of her own distinct sensibility. Others showcase her ability to play just the right solo at the right moment – coming 89th in Rolling Stone’s top 100 guitarists poll is a significant achievement, but on this evidence she should have been placed higher.

Backed by her touring band, all of the material here is locked down tight whether it’s the politically charged rock of The Comin’ Round Is Going Through or the thoughtful ballad All Alone With Something To Say. The material is a mix of self-penned and contributed originals with two great covers – Bonnie’s smoky take of the INXS funker Need You Tonight and a rollicking version of Los Lobos’s Shakin’ Shakin’ Shakes. Another Grammy on the way? That would almost certainly seem to be the case.