BOB DYLAN ”Another Self Portrait” 4 x CD Deluxe

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This 4-CD set of previously unissued demos, alternate takes, scrapped  arrangements and discarded songs from more than 40 years ago is one of the most  important, coherent and fulfilling Bob Dylan albums ever released. The performances are immediate and invigorating,  often in spare, buoyant arrangements with clear, virile singing. Despite the  vintage, or maybe because it’s all been hidden for so long, everything here  feels like new music, busy being born and put to tape with crisp impatience.  “Let’s just take this one,” Dylan says before a take of the traditional ballad  “Little Sadie,” one of 17 raw, magnetic tracks from a single three-day sprint  with guitarist David Bromberg and pianist Al Kooper in March 1970. Dylan was, in  fact, on the verge of a crossroads: the widely scorned double LP Self  Portrait, issued three months later. He sounds eager to get there.

This deluxe edition of this set has Dylan’s 1969 Isle of Wight concert with the  Band, a romping affair (excerpted on Self Portrait) that, except for  the mileage on Dylan’s voice now, doesn’t sound that distant from his shows of  the past 20 years. Includes lavish hardback photobook.