Beirut ‘Gallipoli’ – CD

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Beirut head honcho Zach Condon is back, this time with a collection of songs centered around his explorations with his Farfisa organ.
The band’s latest outing is lit up by luminous hooks, at times feeling like a victory lap for all that the band has achieved. The now-trademark sound has been sun-drenched, chockablock with slinky brass and luminous hooks.

Gallipoli is the culmination of every Beirut album, feeling like a climatic mix of new and old. In some ways this album feels like a return home, with those familiar trotting organ lines and close-knit vocal harmonies; but others it’s the inevitable next step on Condon’s musical voyage. Intriguing and effortlessly intelligent songwriting.

*Also available in-store on 12″ vinyl