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The last surviving Bee Gee’s second solo album (and first in 32 years) understandably echoes the band’s world-famous music. Gibb’s sons Stephen and Ashley fill the late Robin and Maurice’s giant shoes and reproduce trademark harmonies around Gibb’s lead vocals. However, where the Bee Gees’ catalogue runs the gamut from beat pop to disco, Gibb’s solo songs rattle between balladry, country and rock. The production is solid, and his ease with pop songwriting produces achingly sincere songs dealing with the aftermath of loss.Star Crossed Lovers pays lovely tribute to his wife, Linda, and few songs are as beautifully sad as Shadows, End of the Rainbow or The Long Goodbye. The album carries a sense of rejuvenation and determination, and the triumphant Home Truth Song is the work of a man carrying on a huge legacy and doing his brothers proud.