B.J. COLE ”The New Hoverering Dog”

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There is an indescribable pleasure to be derived from listening to a classic album for the first ever time. Such is the fate for anyone who ventures from their perceived comfort zone and takes in the re-mastered album by B.J. Cole, The New Hovering Dog. First released over 40 years ago, it is an album that urges the listener to follow the proverbial yellow brick road and go on a journey that at times will open the imagination to its fullest achievable end and at others will have the younger listener, even the music lovers of the era, astounded by the complexity of the tracks on the C.D. and the incredible sound that B.J. Cole produces throughout. The New Hovering Dog is a crucial album to have in the collection, not only does it enforce the belief that B.J. Cole is arguably one of the finest pedal steel players ever to make his mark on folk music, it also reminds you that you might know a hell of a lot about music but in the end you don’t know what it is that your missing when you crawl too far into the pit of comfort.