ARNO OEHRI & OLIVER PRIMUS ‘Open Land – Meeting John Abercrombie’ DVD

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Amazingly authentic, the film ‘Open Land’ offers an unforgettably intimate portrait of it’s protagonist, jazz legend John Abercrombie who died in August 2017. This wonderful encounter is as poetic and atmospherically dense as Abercrombie’s music. A labor of love and deep admiration, ‘Open Land’ is a subtle and very personal portrait that gives an insight into the life and work of this outstanding artist. To glimpse genius on such an intimate level is nothing short of revelatory. Filmed near the end of Abercrombie’s musical journey, he is shown gigging with Gary Versace and Adam Nussbaum in Liechtenstein, jamming with Rob Scheps, Eliot Zigmund and David Kingsnorth in New York, among many others. Along the way John reflects, with characteristic good humour, on a creative life lived outside the mainstream and traces his story from his first encounter with an electric guitar onwards.