ANDY IRVINE & PAUL BRADY self titled (remastered/re-issue)

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It`s nearly half a century since the release of this self-titled classic from two stalwarts of Irish folk music and a Special edition release has to be welcomed. This album came together at Rockfield studios near Monmouth in Wales between June and September of 1976 after both Andy Irvine and Paul Brady had left Planxty. They were joined by bouzouki player Dónal Lunny and fiddler Kevin Burke, whose own group, The Bothy Band, also happened to be there recording their album `Old Hag You Have Killed Me`. This re-release is stunning and it’s incredible to think that this was released nearly fifty years ago, but of course it was an incredibly creative & inventive period in folk/jazz/blues et al in the UK, Scotland, Ireland & Europe at that time. The artful arrangement of instruments, vocals and intervening spaces float like a breeze over a sunny meadow; over headphones or full-sized stereo speakers this new remaster brings the musicians right into the room with you.
The album consists mostly of songs, a lot of them ballads, but of course the playing on those songs is as impeccable and engaging as the singing.
Buy, beg, or borrow this album, it`s a must for anybody who claims to be a music enthusiast.