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Andrea Marr’s first full length soul album Natural is a joyous celebration of the music she has always loved – harking back to the glorious sounds of Stax and Motownera soul, delivered with her own distinctive voice and style. Andrea’s deep love of music and the strength and joy it brings her has always helped sustain her and her loved ones – through the hard times of struggling to make ends meet, political unrest, the personal upheaval that comes with moving countries and the loss of your parents in
consecutive years.

Born in Colombo, Sri-Lanka, Andrea and her parents and two older brothers lived in a poor neighbourhood where music was the glue that held her family together. As a young child, Andrea remembers sitting on the front steps of the flats where they lived on weekends, with her dad playing guitar and her family singing harmonies to everyone in the neighbourhood. The neighbours, who were just as poor, appreciated the entertainment.