ALAN PRICE ‘Savaloy Dip’ CD

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No one seems certain why Savaloy Dip became an enigmatic entry in Alan Price‘s solo catalog. It was the former Animals‘ keyboardist’s first album after his song score for Lindsay Anderson’s film O Lucky Man! earned him some of the best reviews of his career, as well as raising his profile in the United States, where his solo work had not achieved the same public acceptance as in the U.K. Reprise Records was poised to release Savaloy Dip in the United States in the spring of 1974, but the album was in the early stages of the manufacturing process when the label pulled the plug on the release, though no one seems to understand why. For Savaloy Dip, Price beefed up his usual studio band with a horn section and additional percussionists, but this music has a loose and jaunty feel with an R&B backbone that recalls his O Lucky Man! tunes but with a more playful edge. Price‘s jazzy organ lines and piano solos give the arrangements his sonic trademark.